Video Update: On Location

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to touch base with you!

Location shooting has finally finished for the next Pal2Tech video! Finally. It was a lot of work getting all the examples done. And I’ll probably end up using only a few of them in the final video — but the advice I learned I will pass along to you.

This new video will be all about how to achieve good Time-lapse photography on the Fujifilm X-T3. Like the focus modes video, this one needed real-world examples. But, man, I had no idea it would be so involved — and would take me to multiple locations and different states.

I originally was going to just shoot it all in my backyard. Yeah, I WISH it had been that easy.

But I needed to experiment with Sunrises and oceans, so I went to Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Jekyll Island, Georgia. Sunrise. Time-lapse with Fujifilm X-T3

Jekyll Island, Georgia. Sunrise. Time-lapse with Fujifilm X-T3

I got the sunrises, but felt I needed to demonstrate urban city conditions and faster speeds, so I went to Washington DC.

From the beach to the National Mall. More shooting.

From the beach to the National Mall. More shooting.

I returned back home, and then spent over a week doing nothing but just shooting ice melting after ice melting after ice melting over time-lapse. Over and over again, testing all kinds of parameters, lenses, settings, etc.

So now I have the studio segment to shoot, and then the editing. That’s at least 2-5 more days. If I get lucky, depending on how quickly I can get it done, I may premier the video this Sunday, but we’ll see.


I’m redoing my studio. You won’t notice much difference on camera, but behind the scenes I’m revising all the ways I create the videos. The emphasis is on speed, lowering the time it takes to set up the lights, etc. and get a ‘jump in and turn on the camera’ mindset.

I need to lower the barrier to getting these videos made. I love doing them, want to do more, and a lot of my improvements will help get that going. For example, I have my external audio files now auto-saving to Dropbox, then reappearing directly in Final Cut Pro editing folder — without me having to pull out an SD card, etc. It saves about 3 minutes, but this all adds up.

I’m also working on a new video. The topic? I’m going to put a mirror back on the Fujifilm X-T3 mirrorless camera. Yeah, you heard that right. More details once I get THIS video finished and launched.

Until then, thank you for being there.

See ya soon around this electronic campfire.

— pal2tech