On Location in Alpharetta, Georgia

This past Sunday, I went on location in Alpharetta, Georgia at Garrard Landing Park to shoot Gracie and Ginger Bondurant, two sisters participating in the Roswell Photography Workshops.

They were both very experienced and were amazingly able to keep track of the 11 different photographers’ cameras — as well as manage to move from one to the other without missing a beat.

This was, at least for me, a difficult shoot due to the bright sunlight at midday. The shadows were pretty significant. Luckily, someone brought along a bounce reflector and we were able to all take turns holding it and aiming the light to fill in the shadows — so that everyone else could get the proper exposure.

I felt so out of my element shooting models, as I generally gravitate toward landscapes, but had a great time and they were awesome to work with.

I made a video of the day, which is here:

Here are some of my shots from the session:

Fujifilm XT2 with 90mm prime at 1/250 | f/5.0 using 250 ISO.

Shot on Fujifilm X-T2 using 90mm prime. 1/2500 at f/2.8 with 250 ISO.

Fujifilm X-T3 using 56mm prime at 1/2000 sec f/2.0. ISO 160

Fujifilm X-T2. 90mm prime lens at 1/2000 sec f/2.5. ISO 200.