Atlanta Photo Walk

So today I got introduced in a major way to the joy of Street Photography. 

Being a nature/landscape major, with a minor in ND filters and long exposures, Street Photography moved me waaaay out of my comfort zone!  But discomfort = growth.

I meet with an awesome group on Meetup: Atlanta Urban Photo Walkers.  What a fun group of people to walk around with and share photo shop talk!

So I took my Fujifilm X-T2 and a bunch of new lenses I wanted to try out. Most of my best shots I got with the Fujinon 50-140. I used B/W Acros film similation. This enables me to see the dynamic range without the distraction of color.

Yes, I shot street signs, art, etc. but my favorite shots were of people. 

I decided to JUST GET OUT OF MY CONFORT ZONE and I dipped into a random barber shot to get this one:

Atlanta Barber shop. 2018

As I continued down toward Mercedes Benz stadium, I got some great juxtaposition:

Love Football, Hate Fascism. 2018

Love Football, Hate Fascism. 2018

All in all, a great morning of walking around and shooting. 

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